Students can call or text the CyberBully Hotline any time day or night, all week long and all year long. Their messages are routed directly to school officials, who control when they review and respond to messages. After calling or texting, a student will automatically receive a text reply notifying them that their anonymous message has been received. The recipient may choose to engage the sender in an anonymous two-way dialogue to ask for clarification, additional information or anything that could help the school take action.

Let your child know he or she can call or text the CyberBully Hotline...

  • If they are being bullied by anyone and are afraid to approach you or a teacher
  • If they think no one will understand the situation they are in
  • If they hear someone boasting about any kind of potential violence
  • If they know someone is being harassed online
  • If they or someone they know is receiving mean or hateful text messages or images
  • If they are not sure if they should call or not..tell them to call or text anyway

It's better to be safe than sorry. It's better to be proactive than reactive. It's better to reach out to the CyberBully Hotline if they are not going to reach out to you or a teacher. Your child has the power to make a difference. Talk. Encourage.And let them know - they hold the power to prevent bullying and cyberbullying.