As a PTO leader, you play a unique and important role in your school's efforts to prevent bullying and violence. As a parent, you know that bullying happens, and as a community leader, you have the skills to rally others around important causes. With help from the CyberBully Hotline, you can support your school's anti-bullying and anti-violence efforts.

Here are our two main resources for PTO leaders:

Resource #1: The CyberBully Hotline Program

Without the CyberBully Hotline, your school isn't as safe as it could be. Having a CyberBully Hotline program in place enhances your school's ability to prevent bullying and violence.

With the CyberBully Hotline, students and parents can submit anonymous tips via text or voice message directly to school leaders on problems that are happening in the school community. This technology protects people who might be otherwise afraid to report issues and gives school administrators real-time intelligence into what's really going on in their schools.

Your school or district may already have a bullying prevention program in place:

  • There may be a formal curriculum, supplemented by classwork and special activities.
  • Your school may have already implemented one or more of the popular anti-bullying programs on the market: Olweus, PBIS, Steps to Respect, Safe School Ambassadors, etc.
  • There may be other character education efforts in place, such as classes or regular assemblies.
  • The school resource officer for your school or district may offer programs on school safety or bullying prevention.

Your school may even have an anonymous reporting program already in place - but it may not be a good one.

Anonymous reporting programs come in many shapes and sizes, such as:

  • The low-tech bully box, which accepts anonymous notes from students
  • A web form on the school website or an external website
  • A school voicemail extension set up to record messages
  • A mobile app solution that doesn't work for kids without smartphones

The CyberBully Hotline utilizes simple but powerful technology to overcome the shortcomings of these kinds of anonymous reporting programs. A CyberBully Hotline program allows any student or parent with any kind of phone to make an anonymous report. Reports are instantly relayed to school leaders when sent, and school leaders can respond in real-time to students with mobile phones to start a two-way anonymous dialogue. This approach to anonymous reporting protects the identities of students and parents and helps school leaders get to the bottom of problems.

Find out what the leaders of your school are doing to prevent bullying and violence. Ask them what programs or approaches they are using, and find out what they are doing to help students anonymously report issues. If your school doesn't have a CyberBully Hotline program in place, invite them to learn more and consider working with them to raise funds to implement one.

Resource #2: Articles For Parents

The CyberBully Hotline team keeps up with the latest trends in bullying and violence and regularly produces articles to brief parents and school leaders on these trends. Share the articles below and the latest posts on our blog with your peers.