The key factor in a successful deployment of the CyberBully Hotline is in its promotion. The reporting should be anonymous, but your hotline number (or numbers) shouldn't be! The goal should be to directly expose every student to the concept and the actual number multiple times per year, plus ensure that the number can be found easily when needed.

Ideas for Student-Level Promotion. Consistent promotion of your CyberBully Hotline is key to the program's success. The number(s) must be visible and accessible to students when needed. Varied, ongoing and prominent promotion through posters, cards, stickers, and other areas is the most effective way to make your hotline number(s) accessible to students when needed most. You can obtain several kinds of promotional materials from the CyberBully Hotline or create your own. Suggestions:

  • Wallet Cards
  • Bookmarks
  • Locker/Refrigerator Magnets
  • Bus Stickers - The bus is the #3 location for bullying to occur following in-class room and the cafeteria/recess.
  • In-classroom promotion - Post the number in each classroom in a conspicuous location.
  • Cafeteria tray liners
  • ID badges - Consider imprinting the number on the reverse of student ID badges, or using the easy peel stickers for that purpose.
  • Classroom Meetings - If your school is running a formal bully prevention program such as Olweus, PBIS, or Steps to Respect, many require classroom meetings. Use at least one meeting per year to discuss the CyberBully Hotline program and its purpose.
  • Counselor Cards - Keep spare wallet cards, stickers or bookmarks with the guidance counselor which can be handed out to individual students who are at-risk or who you may feel may have something to share but may not be ready to have a face-to-face discussion.

Ideas for School-Level promotion

  • Posters - Eye-catching 11" x 17" posters provided to each CyberBully Hotline account. Be sure to hang these posters in high traffic areas
  • Create a special landing page on your website

Ideas for Community-Level promotion

  • Newsletter Mention - consider an introductory article, periodic mentions and permanent placement of the number on a side panel or footer area
  • Create a special school website landing page
  • Link to
  • Issue a press release
  • Bully Prevention Media Day - Invite the local media to showcase the steps your school/district is taking to prevent and reduce bullying
  • School Board Discussion - School board discussions are frequently attended by reporters, and discussion of the CyberBully Hotline would be quite newsworthy and would likely appear in your local newspaper, especially the online version