Be the leader your school community needs you to be. Bullying, school violence, and other problems won't go away on their own. You can turn a blind eye to these problems in your school community - and risk student injury and litigation - or you can rise above them. Browse our professional development resources by topic below for solid information on bullying and violence prevention.

Free Resources

Bullying and Cyberbullying

  • White Paper: The Top 7 Record-Breaking Bullying Lawsuits
  • White Paper: How to Spend Less Time on Bully Reporting
  • Blog Post: Study on Anti-Bullying Program Effectiveness

Anonymous Reporting Case Studies

Client-Only Resources

Bullying and Cyberbullying

  • Webinar: Reduce Cyberbullying
  • Webinar: Barbara Coloroso Presentation

Teen Suicide

  • Webinar: Bullying and Teen Suicide
  • Webinar: Teen Suicide Prevention
  • Blog Post: Teen Suicide Myths, Facts, and Statistics
  • Article: Five Questions with Tina Meier of the Megan Meier Foundation
  • Article: Interview with a Teenage Suicide Hotline Volunteer
  • Article: Interview with a Teenager Suffering from Suicidal Thoughts

School Violence Prevention

  • White Paper: School Shooter Drills

Teen Cutting and Self-Injury

  • Webinar: Teen Cutting and Self-Injury
  • Article: Cutting and Self-Injury: One Teen's Perspective

Other Issues

  • Webinar: Teen Dating Violence