Hear From a CyberBully Hotline User!

Want to know how the CyberBully Hotline works? Watch the video below to see Shawn Kelsch, assistant principal at Black Hawk Middle School in Warrenton, MO, talk about his district's use of our CyberBully Hotline program.

How the CyberBully Hotline Works

The CyberBully Hotline supports your bullying and violence prevention activities by giving students and parents a secure pathway to report problems.

  • Students and parents text or call in reports anonymously
  • School leaders receive and respond to reports directly
  • Incident tracking and report management is simple and done online

How do you set up a CyberBully Hotline program? Here are the 4 steps:

1. Launch your program.

  • Receive a custom local hotline number (or numbers) from us.
  • Complete free program training with our helpful staff.
  • Use our implementation kit to help promote your program.

2. Receive reports.

  • People make reports via text message or phone.
  • Text messages are auto-screened by system. Messages with defined keywords (i.e. "gun" or "suicide") are flagged as high priority.
  • System administrators notified of new reports instantly via text message; first-time reporters are sent an auto-reply text automatically.

3. Respond to, manage, and track reports.

  • Use the CyberBully Hotline's award-winning online interface to respond in real time to new reports.
  • Two-way anonymity protects reporters and your staff.
  • Collaborative notes feature allows staff members to make notes on report messages. Inbox auto-resolve feature automatically resolves open message threads that have had no activity over a specified length of time.

4. Help improve school climate.

Learn More

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  • Call 1-800-420-1479 to talk with our team.