School hotlines can help students report bullying and safety concerns.

A school hotline enables students to anonymously report matters that are concerning to them directly to school officials.

Because of fear, shame, or risk of retaliation, students often fail to report matters such as:

• Bullying •Cyberbullying
•School Violence •Fighting
•Theft •Cheating
•School Bus Harassment •Intimidation
•Cutting and Self-Injury •Sexting
•Suicidal Thoughts •Problems At Home

A school hotline, like the CyberBully Hotline, can take the fear out of the process and open up a new pathway to reporting.

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Driving Factors Behind School Hotline Solutions

HotlineThe most common driving factors behind the decision to implement a school hotline are:

  • The need more for complete and comprehensive reporting across a wide spectrum of incidents ranging from bullying to crime, to vandalism to suicide ideation – the full picture of school life
  • The need to overcome fear of reporting
  • The need to increase and hasten school response before events spiral out of control
  • The need to improve threat assessment and early detection of school violence and crime.
  • Response to laws and new regulations

A school hotline, if properly implemented and executed, can meet all the objectives above.

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