School Bus Tip Line

School bus tip lines can help prevent incidents of bad behavior on the bus. A dedicated tip line for your transportation system can give students who must ride the school bus the ability to report bullying, fighting, and other issues.

Why You Need a School Bus Tip Line

Almost 40% of the school administrators who responded to our 2014 State of School Safety survey said that students were reporting bullying on the school bus.

Our experience in working with schools validates this statistic; many schools that we've worked with have addressed drug possession, weapons possession, harassment, bullying, and other forms of inappropriate behavior on the school bus.

The Proof: It Works!

Less than a year after partnering with the CyberBully Hotline to install a dedicated tip line for their system of 141 buses, the Wentzville School District in Missouri achieved a 24% district-wide drop in bus behavior referrals. Click here to view the amazing case study.

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School Bus Tip Line
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