How the CyberBully Hotline Works

The CyberBully Hotline supports bullying and violence prevention activities at K-12 schools and districts by giving students and parents a secure pathway to report problems.

  • Students and parents text or call in reports anonymously
  • School leaders receive and respond to reports directly
  • Incident tracking and report management is simple and done online

How do you set up a CyberBully Hotline program? Here are the 4 steps:

1. Launch your program.

  • Receive a custom local hotline number (or numbers) from us.
  • Complete free program training with our helpful staff.
  • Use our implementation kit to help promote your program.

2. Receive reports.

  • People make reports via text message or phone.
  • Text messages are auto-screened by system. Messages with defined keywords (i.e. "gun" or "suicide") are flagged as high priority.
  • System administrators notified of new reports instantly via text message; first-time reporters are sent an auto-reply text automatically.

3. Respond to, manage, and track reports.

  • Use the CyberBully Hotline's award-winning online interface to respond in real time to new reports.
  • Two-way anonymity protects reporters and your staff.
  • Collaborative notes feature allows staff members to make notes on report messages. Inbox auto-resolve feature automatically resolves open message threads that have had no activity over a specified length of time.

4. Help improve school climate.