Evidence and Case Studies

The CyberBully Hotline is the ideal complement to evidence-based anti-bullying programs such as PBIS, Olweus, and others.

Read our case studies to hear from the school leaders who use the CyberBully Hotline every day and see the proof that it works.

Warren County R-III School District, Missouri

  • Problem: Middle School Fighting
  • Key pain point: 60 students disciplined for fighting in 2011-2012 school year.
  • Results: 92% reduction in students disciplined for fighting year-over-year.

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Hardin ISD, Texas

  • Problem: School Bus Bullying
  • Key pain point: Rural district operates 16 long bus routes, knows students don't report all incidents of bullying.
  • Results: Students report bullying while still on bus, allowing for quick intervention. Parents also make reports. Bullying incidents drop dramatically.

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Cisco ISD, Texas

  • Problem: Gym Locker Thefts
  • Key pain points: Students losing personal belongings; parents concerned.
  • Results: Parent report drove administrators to talk to gym students. Thefts stopped immediately.

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Wentzville School District, Missouri

  • Problem: Elementary School Bullying
  • Key pain point: Student new to district became victim of bullying; parents didn't know where to turn.
  • Results: Parent report allowed administrators to intervene and discipline the offending student.

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