Get a Branded School Tip Line

A branded school tip line is the customizable bullying and violence prevention solution designed to work for your school. Here are four reasons why our branded school tip line program works in school communities nationwide.

It's the Tip Line Students Use

Bullying prevention programs work when students take ownership. But students are often afraid to report problems because they don't want to be labeled a "snitch" or a "tattletale." That's why the branded school tip line allows students to report problems anonymously - an approach that's proven to reduce behavior incidences and give students a voice!

Custom Options Make It Look Like Your School Community

The “brand” in “branded school tip line” is all about YOU - your school name, colors, and mascot. We'll work with you to create posters and promotional materials to make your tip line part of school life and culture. That way, you can rest assured that students will take advantage of the tip line to report issues.

Every School and District is Different

One-size-fits-all programs don't work when it comes to bullying and violence prevention. You need options that address your issues, your culture, and your students. The branded school tip line is fully customizable so you can make it work for your students and administrative team - easily and on your schedule.

Provides a Strong Foundation for Bullying Prevention

Our branded school tip line program gives you insight into hidden problems your students are struggling with. When you integrate it with your existing character education efforts, you'll have a bullying prevention program that truly has the power to prevent bullying. Provide your students with a visible, safe way for students to report problems they are having. Implement a branded school tip line program in your school.

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