Bullying Prevention Professional Development

The CyberBully Hotline Professional Development Series offers the latest information on bullying prevention, suicide prevention, violence prevention, and other issues. View our wide selection of resources below.

Latest Special Reports

  • Top 7 Record-Breaking Bullying Lawsuits
    Top schools have lost tens of millions to students in bullying-related lawsuits over the past several years. Read about the most notable cases in this special report.
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Case Studies

  • School Fighting Case Study
    The number of middle school students disciplined for fighting dropped by more than 90% after the Warren County R-III School District in Missouri launched an anonymous reporting program.
  • School Bus Bullying Case Study
    Students with long bus routes in the Hardin, TX ISD benefit from their school's anonymous reporting program. See how riders are able to report bullying incidents while they are happening.
  • Elementary School Bullying Case Study
    Learn how a parent utilized their school's anonymous reporting program to notify Wentzville, MO school district leaders about a school bus bullying incident.
  • School Theft Reduction Case Study
    Gym locker thefts were stopped with the implementation of anonymous reporting system in the Cisco, TX ISD. The reporting system itself became a huge deterrent to bullying and harassment.

More Special Reports

  • Implementing an Anonymous Reporting Program
    This robust PDF guide complements our webinar on anonymous reporting programs in schools. Anonymous reporting should be a part of your school's bullying prevention program, and our guide will tell you everything you need to know about it.
  • School Shooter Drills: 7 Rules to Follow
    By Sgt. Wayne Rapier, Rolla Police Department, Rolla, MO. A school resource officer and 38-year veteran of law enforcement provides practical advice on how to approach setup and execution of a school shooter drill.
  • Bully Proofing Your Classroom
    By Dr. Nicole Yetter, Ed.D. This white paper examines the impact of bullying on schools, the role of weekly anti-bullying classroom meetings in bullying prevention, and the influence that meetings have on key student performance indicators.

Archived Webinars

  • Teen Depression
    Learn more about teen depression from leading expert Dr. Scott Poland. Understand the link between depression and suicide and how to prevent suicide in your school.
  • Stan Davis Presentation on Bullying
    Bullying prevention expert Stan Davis presents the results of the Youth Voice Project, a national survey that has identified the most effective youth bullying interventions.
  • Barbara Coloroso Presentation on Bullying
    Bullying expert and bestselling author Barbara Coloroso presents her latest ideas on bystander education and bullying prevention.
  • Bullying and Teen Suicide
    Tina Meier of the Megan Meier Foundation and renowned suicide prevention expert Dr. Scott Poland discuss the disturbing trend of bullied and cyberbullied teens turning to suicide. Learn more about bullying and suicide prevention.
  • Reduce Cyberbullying
    Bullying expert Dr. Beth Brewer presents a 7 step framework for reducing cyberbullying among students.
  • Teen Dating Violence
    1 in 3 teens will become a victim of dating violence. This troubling statistic calls you to action. Learn more about how you can get help for victims of abuse and promote healthy relationships in your school.
  • Teen Cutting and Self-Injury Behaviors
    Dr. Scott Poland discusses the underground phenomenon of cutting and self-injury and reviews ways to help teens who are self-injuring.
  • Implementing an Anonymous Reporting Program
    Expert school counselor Dr. Nicole Yetter reviews the different types of anonymous reporting programs and outlines how to implement and promote an anonymous reporting program.
  • Teen Suicide Prevention
    Suicide prevention expert Dr. Scott Poland and Tina Meier of the Megan Meier Foundation offer guidelines on how to prevent teen suicide and how to respond if a suicide happens in your school community.
  • How to Prevent School Violence
    Visit our sister site schoolreach.com to watch this webinar with Dr. Scott Poland. Dr. Poland has led crisis response teams in the aftermath of some of the most well-known school shootings and disasters, and he shares his expert knowledge on school violence prevention in this webinar.
  • Threat Assessment for K-12 Schools
    Our sister site schoolreach.com hosts this webinar with school safety expert Gary Sigrist, Jr. Learn basic concepts about threat assessment in this robust presentation from a former school security director and law enforcement officer.

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