A Visit with the Megan Meier Foundation

I had the opportunity to visit with Tina Meier of the Megan Meier Foundation earlier this week. It was a wonderful experience to learn about her extensive bullying and cyberbullying education and prevention efforts.

I will not go into all the details of the Megan Meier story here, but I encourage you to visit www.meganmeierfoundation.org to learn about this tragic cyberbullying story for yourself. The Megan Meier story happened in  a suburb of the St. Louis area, which is home to SchoolReach and the CyberBully Hotline, so it is near and dear to all of us in this area.

Tina shared her extensive vision for the Megan Meier Foundation and it is truly wonderful and far reaching – much more so than the 100 plus speaking events/year that Tina does today. I hope she ultimately achieves her goals as it will be a great benefit to bullying and cyberbullying prevention and education. Tina was thrust into this role by the tragic events that took Megan’s life and her response to those events and their challenges is truly amazing. Tina has skillfully become the leader of a non-profit organization, successful government lobbyist, national speaker, adept marketer, publicist, writer, and much more.

I was grateful for the time Tina shared with me and look forward to helping the Megan Meier Foundation in the future.

Speaking of helping out…Tina said they are looking to fill foursomes in their 4th Annual Megan Meier Foundation Golf Tournament. If you are free on June 25th and in the St. Louis area – come out and play with us!

Golf Registration Details here….

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