UK Facebook Ruling Helps Fight Against Cyberbullying

US courts may soon be looking to a recent UK ruling against Facebook in the fight against cyberbullying.  The men with the funny hair pieces may finally be on to something besides a fashion faux pas!

UK Facebook Ruling

Funny hair, but powerful ruling results from UK High Court against Facebook

In a recent UK High Court case, the Court ruled that Facebook had to divulge the IP address and subscriber information of individuals who were harassing Nicola Brookes, who brought the suit. According to a US attorney with whom I consulted on this matter, US courts often look to UK courts when forming rulings because they have the same law basis, providing there is no US legislation that conflicts. US courts frequently look outside the US especially in areas where there are few US-based cases that can be used as precedents, or where international experience with an issue is farther along than the US.

This is good news for US citizens who are being victimized by faceless and nameless thugs who use the anonymity of Facebook, and other social media sites to sling insults, falsehoods and to spread fear, pain and suffering to their victims.  Hopefully US courts will look to the UK for guidance in helping thwart the spread of cyberbullying.