Anonymous Bullying Reporting: Works with Olweus and PBIS Programs

By Paul Langhorst

This week we posted two new articles on the CyberBully Hotline website that detail how anonymous bullying reporting solutions such as the CyberBully Hotline can work in concert with popular bullying prevention programs such as Olweus and PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports). The hallmark of both these programs is opening the lines of communication between students, and between students and staff/faculty.

These “whole school” bullying prevention programs are built around a framework of classroom meetings during which communication principles are modeled and practiced.  For example, PBIS teaches the Stop, Walk and Talk model where bullying victims are taught to stop the bullying or abusive behavior with a combination of a verbal and hand signals and then taught to seek a trusted adult to report the abusive behavior.

Anonymous reporting fits into these programs nicely in two key ways:

  • An anonymous reporting solution helps expand the ways in which a victim or bystander can report incidents. May victims and bystanders are filled with fear and an anonymous reporting method can help open a path resolution.  Experts indicate that as much as 50% of bullying and cyberbullying goes unreported due to student fears.  An anonymous reporting solution helps address the problems that may be lurking, unseen below the surface.
  • The classroom meeting is an ideal platform from which the anonymous reporting program can be discussed and promoted.

I encourage you to review the above articles depending on whether your school is running Olweus or PBIS to learn more specifics.



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