Free School Bullying and Violence Prevention Resources

By Greg Howard – March 7, 2013

Free School Bullying and Violence Prevention ResourcesBullying and violence prevention are hot topics among school leaders these days. Thanks to the many inquiries we receive, we know that growing numbers of educational professionals are recognizing these problems and looking for help. That’s why the CyberBully Hotline team, a division of school communications leader SchoolReach, provides a regular series of free webinars and special reports on bully reporting and violence prevention.

The professional development resources we produce address the topics that school leaders are most concerned about – bullying, cyberbullying, violence, self-injury, and so forth. We urge you to take advantage look at these free, robust resources if you haven’t already. These resources are available to all of our website visitors.

Here’s a brief overview of the topics we regularly provide information on:

  • Bullying – School bullying is such a multifaceted topic. It happens in class, on the bus, online and elsewhere. To help administrators confront bullying in their schools, we provide content from school bullying experts on all different types of bullying – cyberbullying, girl bullying, school bus bullying, and more.
  • Youth Issues – Many young people are overwhelmed with the stresses of life and school. Sadly, some turn to cutting and self-injury to deal with pain, some turn to suicide, and still others turn to violence. We work with psychologists and expert counselors to provide timely information on these issues.
  • Anonymous Reporting – There are many ways to approach bully and violence prevention. Anonymous reporting can be used as a primary tool to address these concerns, or it can work in concert with behavioral and character education programs to reduce bullying and school violence. Whatever the method of implementation, our expert-authored webinars and white papers on anonymous reporting provide school leaders with all the information they need on the subject.
  • School Crisis Planning – Even with the best bully prevention programs in place, some students will decide to address their problems with violence. To help school administrators be ready for anything, we regularly work with school safety professionals to provide information on school emergency response planning, active shooter and other lockdown events, and more.

The feedback we get on our professional development resources is overwhelmingly positive. We regularly see near-100% satisfaction scores from surveyed attendees of our webinars, and our white papers and PDF guides have been downloaded by thousands of school leaders. Moreover, since these resources are free, you have nothing to lose by giving them a try. If you haven’t viewed our professional development content lately, we invite you to take a look at it right now.

Our Resource Center is packed with valuable video resources, links to upcoming webinars, case studies and white papers, and more. Our social media profiles also feature valuable content. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for interesting infographics and links to newly-available professional development resources.

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