Cyberbullying – How can schools cope?

By Paul Langhorst   May 15, 2012

Our business partner, SchoolWebmasters, has shared a great article in their monthly newsletter on how to cope with cyberbullying and how to encourage and respond to bullying reporting. There is some really great info in these tips, which you can read here.

SchoolWebmasters is a unique company that develops and manages websites for K-12 schools. Their high-touch solution puts them in direct contact with school administrators on a daily basis. Bonnie Leedy, CEO of SchoolWebmasters has shared that they hear from their clients on a daily basis about troubles with cyberbullying, which was the impetus behind offering the tips. “Because we are managing their websites, its common for us to hear laments and cries for help on how to best address cyberbullying,” commented Leedy. “Kids will say and do things online that they would never think of doing face to face, and our clients, as do most schools, really struggle with addressing the problem.

To help educate SchoolWebmaster clients on how to encourage bully reporting in the digital age, the CyberBully Hotline is offering a free webinar, which they or anyone can join by clicking here.




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