CyberBully Hotline Hosts Free Screeing of “Bully”

The CyberBully Hotline and its parent company, SchoolReach, hosted a free screening of the movie “Bully” for our St. Louis area customers.

The event was attended by over 100 school administrators and their guests. A customer reception was held between the two screening times allowing SchoolReach customers to network with peers from around the St. Louis region.

Hear coverage of the event on EduTalk Radio here.

The attendees had a noticeable change upon leaving the movie. Many were quiet, a few tears were seen, and many were engaged in deep discussion in small groups, which is exactly what we were hoping to occur. We created this event as a means to stimulate discussion on the problem and solutions of bullying. Chris Gunither, a Teacher at Francis Howell School District and president of the Missouri National Education Association summed it up best, “Bullying is not a childhood right of passage. Bullying is making children not want to go to school, not want to live and to not feel like a part of society or their schools.”

Tylor Lester, a student in attendance from a St. Louis public school, had a message for bullying bystanders upon exiting the movie…”Help out!  Don’t just stand by and watch. Go tell someone that can stop the madness.”

Fox2News covered the event and aired a comprehensive story on their 6 PM, 10 PM and morning news shows. Watch the Fox2News story here: Students Get Private Screening Of “Bully” Documentary

Thank you to all for attending and for those employees of SchoolReach who helped organize the event, watch the screening and were on hand to help.





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