Cyber Monday Stats and Cyberbullying Facts: Thoughts on Good and Bad Online Behavior

Image of person typing on a computer.Experts estimate that retail sales increased from $1.3 billion on Cyber Monday last year to $2 billion on Cyber Monday this year. Perhaps what’s most interesting about this statistic is not the dollar amount, per se, but rather the sheer amount of good online behavior the numbers represent.

Let’s consider some statistics for a moment. The National Retail Federation estimated that more than 129 million people—nearly 41% of all U.S. citizens—would shop on Cyber Monday this year. Many of those people were shopping with the purpose of purchasing holiday gifts for family and friends. With this in mind, it’s hard to identify another day on the calendar where so many people are doing altruistic, positive things online.

Unfortunately, there is no Cyber Monday style day when it comes to preventing cyberbullying. As we noted in a recent post, there is an International STAND UP to Bullying Day dedicated to bullying awareness and prevention; however, participants generally recognize that day with live demonstrations, workshops, and so forth. There is no day in which teens and adults go online in a coordinated way to stand up for the 42% of students who have experienced at least one instance of being harassed or bullied online.

Perhaps a day should be dedicated to online activities around cyberbullying prevention. Imagine a day in which teenagers everywhere were sending nothing but positive texts, tweets, and instant messages. Imagine the online and offline goodwill that could be generated from a day dedicated to sending positive, affirming messages to classmates and friends. Imagine the lessons that young people might learn about how hurtful words can be.

A day like this would likely never rival Cyber Monday in terms of cultural impact, but it might make a measurable difference in the lives of young people.


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