Current Bullying Statistics: Using Infographics to Tell the Story

Bullying Statistics and Infographics
Bullying statistics seem to get more and more disturbing as the years go by. Every few weeks, a new study on bullying gets covered in the national press, and most studies have bad news to offer. What’s sad is that the numbers in each individual study shock us—until the next dramatic news story grabs our attention and causes us to forget. Here at the CyberBully Hotline, we’ve decided to give people a second look at some of these troubling statistics by presenting them in visually interesting ways.

If you view the CyberBully Hotline Facebook page, you’ll be able to find several infographics on bullying. (If you can’t see them in the page timeline, view the photo albums.) Each bullying infographic takes statistics from widely-covered studies on bullying and tries to present the numbers in a unique way.

For a sample of our work, look at this graphic. Even if you’d seen press coverage on the studies that the infographic references, you may have quickly forgotten the mentioned statistics. Our infographic is designed to highlight the numbers and show you just how important they are.

Since we encourage schools to use the CyberBully Hotline to address problems other than bullying, such as drug abuse and sexting, we have produced Infographics on those kinds of issues as well. Take this graphic, for instance. We’ll bet you didn’t realize that so many students were abusing drugs during the school day.

While the statistics on bullying and other concerns can be very disheartening, we’re not discouraged. It’s because of statistics like this that we get out of bed every morning and get to work. Together with the schools and districts we work with, we hope that we can make a dent in these numbers and address the struggles that young people are facing today.

Please keep up with us by liking the CyberBully Hotline Facebook page. There, you’ll find more infographics, links to bullying prevention resources, info on our free professional development material for school leaders, and much more.

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