Bully Reporting Apps for K-12 School Leaders

Mobile apps are transforming the ways that K-12 administrators manage their schools, network with other leaders, and engage in professional development. Now, a new kind of app is helping to make bullying prevention a process that consumes less time and resources: the bully reporting app.

A number of bully reporting apps for students have been released over the past few years. But school leaders have been somewhat left out of this trend, as app developers have chosen to focus on the easier task of report creation rather than the more difficult task of report tracking, management, and resolution.

To stay ahead on top of the latest trends in bullying and cyberbullying, school leaders must take their existing approaches to bullying prevention and update them to work in today’s mobile world. That’s why school administrators need a mobile app of their own to handle the reports of bullying that they are receiving.


The Case for Bully Reporting Apps

The traditional bullying prevention program is quickly becoming obsolete. Mobile technology has already transformed how our students learn inside the classroom and how they communicate outside of it. It has also transformed the way they bully each other. Unfortunately, most traditional bullying prevention programs have not kept pace with these changes, despite the big price tags that these programs often come with.

School administrators must keep up with these technological changes if they want their bullying prevention programs to make a difference. If they don’t, the investments of time and dollars they have put into implementing traditional bullying prevention programs will go to waste.

How do school leaders keep up? We think that bully reporting apps are the next big thing in bullying prevention. By shifting the paradigm of what bullying prevention is and thinking about it in mobile terms, school leaders can improve the effectiveness of their bullying prevention programs.


Apps Change Everything

School leaders who have a bully reporting app on their phones are better equipped to handle incidents of bullying that take place in their schools. How are they better equipped? There are several ways:

  • Instead of reacting to events, they can prevent problems from happening. For example, many CyberBully Hotline clients are already using the system to diffuse situations that could turn into incidents of harassment, fighting, or other problems; they encourage students to make reports, and then students text or call in with messages such as, “Bobby and Jimmy are about to fight in the science hall.” Administrators can stop small conflicts from spinning out of control with the CyberBully Hotline, and our app makes this process even simpler.
  • With an app like the CyberBully Hotline app, administrators have the ability to respond to student reports even faster, no matter whether they’re at their desks or elsewhere on campus.
  • By preventing small conflicts from spinning out of control, administrators can minimize behavioral issues and avoid having to do endless amounts of bully reporting paperwork.


Bullying Prevention Gone Mobile

So, how does the addition of a bully reporting app change a school’s bullying prevention program? We think there are three key points:

  • The traditional program of character education, bullying prevention presentations, classroom meetings, etc. is great – but in the mobile world, it is just one piece of the puzzle.
  • Student reporting is another piece of the puzzle. Schools need to have a system like the CyberBully Hotline in place, and students need to be encouraged to use it. Promotion should be done consistently and over time. And students need to have the option of reporting any problems on their mobile devices, which are the gateways to their social lives today.
  • In concert with the school’s anonymous reporting system, the administrators’ bully reporting app allows school leaders to find out about simmering issues before they boil over and cause real trouble.


CyberBully Hotline App Review

Bully Reporting AppLike the CyberBully Hotline system itself, our app is full-featured but very simple to use. Here’s a review of the app’s features and capabilities.

  • Download the free CyberBully Hotline app onto your smartphone to get started.
  • When reports of bullying, fighting, or other issues come into your CyberBully Hotline number, you’ll get a notification.
  • Open the app to respond to new reports. The simple mobile interface uses the same graphics as our CyberBully Hotline desktop application, so you’ll feel right at home inside the app.
  • Click on a message thread to see all of the messages in that thread. You can easily see exchanges between administrators and reporters, just as you would in a regular text messaging application.
  • Read and respond to text-based reports in real time.
  • Listen to voice reports with just a click of a button.
  • All actions you take within the app are automatically synced in the system, making for a seamless experience between your mobile device and your desktop or laptop.


Learn More About Bully Reporting Apps

For more info on bully reporting apps, contact the CyberBully Hotline team. Just click here to fill out our Info Request form, or call us at 1-800-420-1479. Our team will be happy to give you a demo of the CyberBully Hotline system and app as well as help you learn more about the benefits of anonymous bully reporting systems.



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