Implementing Anonymous Reporting Programs in Schools

An increasing number of state anti-bullying laws are requiring schools to offer anonymous bully reporting options to students and parents. In addition, numerous surveys of students show that young people want adults to intervene in bullying incidents, but are often reluctant to report them face to face. Considering these facts, you should seriously consider implementing an anonymous reporting program in your school or district.

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  • Why anonymous reporting is needed in schools
  • What forms of anonymous reporting are available
  • The pros and cons of each program type
  • How to staff, operate, and promote an anonymous reporting program
  • How to respond to various types of reports

Dr. Nicole Yetter (pictured above) is the author of our anonymous reporting materials. Dr. Yetter is a Pennsylvania-based school guidance counselor, safe schools coach, Certified Olweus Trainer, and educational consultant. She is an expert in bullying prevention and will help you learn all you need to know about implementing an anonymous reporting program in your school.

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