$4.2 Million Bullying Settlement Stemming from Case at New Jersey Middle School

As reported in the Huffington Post Education Digest on April 18th, what is likely one of the largest bullying law suit settlements has been announced. A New Jersey school district and their insurance company announced a settlement with Sawyer Rosenstein and his family for $4.2 million following a law suit that was launched after Sawyer became paralyzed from being punched in the abdomen by a fellow student.

Sawyer reported, via email, to school officials 3 months earlier than the paralyzing punch that he was being bullied and wanted it to stop and wanted his complaint to be on record.

The lawsuit claimed that the Ramsey school district was not in compliance with the New Jersey anti-bullying laws and should have taken steps to prevent the incident.

The punch was said to have caused a blot clot near Sawyer's spine which caused the paralysis.

The deal was negotiated months ago and was just announced yesterday to the media. Under the terms of the settlement the Ramsey school district admitted no fault.

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