CyberBully Hotline Client Wins National Bullying Prevention Award

The Wentzville School District has been recognized by the School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC), a nationally-renowned school safety organization, for the District’s bullying prevention programs. The WSD was one of only four school districts nationwide to receive an Exemplary Bullying Prevention Program Award this year from the SSAC. Over 70 nominations were submitted to the SSAC awards committee, which honors schools and individuals who are making a difference in the field of bullying prevention.

The District uses a combination of character education, bullying prevention, and anonymous bully reporting programs to maintain a positive school climate and help students report any issues that may arise. “Giving every student a safe place to learn is a top priority of the Wentzville School District,” said Dr. Melody Marcantonio, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. “Bullying prevention is an important part of our school safety efforts, and we’re honored that our programs have been recognized by the School Safety Advocacy Council.”

Parents have already given their stamp of approval to the District’s efforts. In the most recent WSD Parent Satisfaction Survey, 87% of the more than 2,500 respondents said that they feel that their children are safe at school. “A rapidly growing school district like Wentzville needs a strong bullying prevention program, and District leaders understand that,” said Paul Langhorst, co-founder of the CyberBully Hotline. “That’s why we nominated Wentzville for this award, and we’re happy that they were selected.”

“Our hope is that in addition to recognizing the outstanding efforts of these organizations, we can begin showcasing some best examples to other schools and districts that may be seeking strategies to address both school and community bullying”, stated Curt Lavarello, Executive Director for the School Safety Advocacy Council. The SSAC was established as a collaborative partnership between education, law enforcement and emergency first responders. The council’s primary focus is school safety assessments, school safety drills and exercises, as well as the delivery of training to school personnel and law enforcement.