Cyberbullying Worse than Parents Think

Kids are online, in trouble, and their parents are in the dark.

According to study results presented in an article in TechDaily news, only 8 percent of the 4,000 parents surveyed by SocialShield were aware that their child had been the victim of an online bully.

This data corroborates what a keynote speaker said at the School Safety Advocacy Council's 2012 National Conference on Bullying, stating that "reporting is the biggest issue facing bullying prevention efforts today."

This study found that "more than half of parents reported that their child accesses social networks from the family computer, but 42 percent have their own computers and presumably used them away from their parents' prying eyes."

Parents are taking steps to find out what their kids are involved in, the study report that "36 percent of the respondents said they have "friended" their kids on Facebook to keep an eye on their activity." However, kids have the ability to "unfriend" their parents just as quickly as they are "friended." Cell phones present a greater challenge because parents can't readily see what messages are coming across.

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