Anonymous Bully Reporting Solution

request infoThe anonymous bully reporting and school tip line solutions from CyberBully Hotline are now part of SchoolMessenger. Together, we are the leading provider of anonymous reporting solutions for the education market.

Our branded school tip line program is the ideal anonymous reporting solution. Fully customizable and robust, our tip line program easily aligns with a school's brand and colors, as well as its existing bullying prevention efforts. K-12 schools and districts across the country are using the CyberBully Hotline now to enhance school safety and build a more positive school climate. Learn more about our award-winning system and satisfied clients today.

Our Latest Special Report: Student Behavior in America's Schools

Anonymous Bully ReportingHow often are incidents of bullying, fighting, violence, and student suicide occurring, and how are are schools working to address these issues? To answer those questions, we launched a national survey of school leaders this fall. More than 450 high-ranking school administrators across 48 states responded, and their answers provide new insight into what is happening in America's schools.

Click here to learn more about the survey and the topics explored.

Easy for Students to Use, Easy for You to Manage

Unlike some bully reporting apps or “helplines,” the CyberBully Hotline is accessible to any student with any kind of phone. Students simply call or send a text message to anonymously report an issue. Receive reports directly and exchange messages in real time to begin a two-way anonymous dialogue that protects both you and people making reports. Learn more about how the CyberBully Hotline works.

It's Not Just for Bullying

Anonymous reporting programs can be used to report any issue: fighting, planned school violence, theft, cheating, weapons possession, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts…and the list goes on. Countless studies have shown that students are reluctant to report their problems to adults. The CyberBully Hotline gives students a new pathway to come forward and report their struggles. Read our case studies to see the diverse ways schools are using the CyberBully Hotline.